Have you ever been told that you speak well, been told that you should be an announcer, or a male voice over. Have you ever had a nickname like ‘mouth’ ? Or have you ever been told that you do spot on impressions, or maybe you do ‘voices’ that have people in stitches…. You might be a car salesman, an account executive (a salesman),  a doorman, a Merchant Marine Officer, or a Dental Assistant. The whole time you made laughter by creating funny voices, impersonations, or maybe you were the go to guy for writing any speech or advertisement… you were the voice at all these jobs….
Or maybe you just like using your voice, you always liked radio. Maybe your like the way Radio was before it died. Before the I-pod, I-tunes, and Pod-Casts took the prominent position of the advertising supported and disk-jockey hosted ‘old-fashioned’ radio station. Either way weather you are ‘old’ school or a ‘new’ school you tube generation adult Voice-over production such as voice over narration and voice ovecommercials are the new tools and career for the inspired voice.
        For me it began just a few years ago. Shows like Rush’s conservative talk show, and even comedic talks shows with no political stance like “Ron and Fez” had their twentieth reunion. It was the best years for talk radio yet. Ratings, and of course earnings and hiring’s were at their peak. I was a Merchant Marine Master. I was a Captain for hire with a very desirable license. I found myself in 2006 loving talk radio, and listening for hours each day. I wanted to be part of this culture of this talk radio which “broadcast to the masses.” So even though I had a good job I decided to go back to school. I was going to learn the art of Broadcasting, and get another degree. 
Long story short, by the time that I chose a school, learned, earned, and graduated with a new Broadcasting degree… Radio had begun to slow down. Everyone was downsizing, and sponsors were pulling out. But I still had the burning desire to broadcast. I wanted to reach unknown people, to be somewhat famous, and to “live” forever in my voice.
I found that the way to do this was to do voice-over. What was voice-over anyway, I didn’t know. Then I read an article which was posted on a website like this one and I liked what I read. First off all the radio was being voice-tagged. That meant instead of hearing a disk-jockey, you were hearing a pre-recorded voice-over talent. Hey I could do that. All the commercials too… they were voice-over too. What about documentaries, cartoons, and Websites…? Yes they too are all using voice talent. 
        I had a computer, a space for a studio, and the will to make it happen. Not only that but I could work on my own schedule, choose my own jobs, and there were several websites which were dedicated to connecting talent with clients. 
This was it! I could work by myself, for myself… and I could do it without leaving my family, or taking a ‘smoke break’ outside like an animal. I love this job, and I think that I was made just for me. I am so happy at continuing the practice of my voice and producing commercials, or website tutorials, documentaries, and voice-tracking. I’ll write it again I love this job. I never thought that I would find something that is this challenging and rewarding. 
Joshua Bennington
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* My Audio-book production may be seen at AUDIBLE.COM, iTONES.COM and AMAZOM.COM
        I read, I edit and I produce audio-books I have produced 35 books for Audible.com
* Audio Editing for audio-books, commercials, narrations
* Free Lance Male Voice over Talent doing Voice over Productions for Commercials,Technical         Narrations,Animations, Websites Introductions with/without music 
      since 2007 in his studio out side of Washington DC 
* Ten years experience with local,regional, national and international clients.
* Graduated from Broadcasting Institute of Maryland
* United States Merchant Marine Officer: 100 ton Masters
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